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Boat rental in Alcudia & Can Picafort


Boot mieten Mallorca⛵ Can Picafort & Alcudia & Santa Ponsa

Jetzt Mallorca Traumboot  für Euern

Urlaub 2023 sichern!

Boot & Seascooter mieten Mallorca

Life is too short

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Save your boat for your vacation 2023!

boat rental on majorca without license I with license I

Seawing II Seascooter I divescooter rental majorca

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Yamaha Tauchscooter bei einer 4 Stunden Buchung  inclusive!!!

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If you want to experience a special day in Mallorca in summer, you should definitely rent a boat in Mallorca. From the water side, DreamBeachRental Mallorca lets you experience the island from a different angle and discover Mallorca's most beautiful beaches and bays, many of which are hardly accessible from the land side. If you want to experience enchanting landscapes and a spectacular coastline, we recommend Boat rental Mallorca in the north of the island of Mallorca from Port Can Picafort or Port Alcúdia.

Enjoy a perfect day on the sea

Boat Rental Mallorca - Adventure on the sea even without a license...
that's cool on Mallorca

your choise in Can Picafort & Alcudia

your choise in Santa Ponsa

Seascooter  I  divescooter Yamaha Seawing II 

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Go on the sea without license in Can Picafort and Alcudia

Off Mallorca's coasts, you can rent boats up to 5 m long and with a maximum of 15 hp without a boating licence or previous experience. You should only be 18 years young. It is child's play and it doesn't take much to steer a boat even as an absolute beginner. We will gladly and naturally explain everything you need to know in just a few moments. Boat rental Mallorca without a licence is cool.

Rent a boat in Mallorca and enjoy unforgettable moments at sea.  You do not need a boat license for this. Simply rent a license-free boat in Mallorca. All boats are brand new, all boats are very fancy.   Come on board. Spend a relaxing day at sea & discover secluded dream beaches from the boat. Majorca`s . Abides in  glorious Bays away from the partly crowded beaches. Feel the refreshing breeze on deck . Discover with your boat tour Mallorca 's   fantastic beaches.  Anchor, jump overboard, swims, snorkels & dives   through   turquoise waters . Enjoy the indescribable feeling of freedom and adventure with our boat rental in Mallorca. DreamBeachRental Mallorca  is the right boat rental in Mallorca for you.

Relaxed & relaxed on board. Enjoy Your drinks while you sunbathe extensively on the huge sundeck. We promise you a wonderful and unforgettable   with our boat rental in Mallorca in Can Picafort & Alcudia vacation day  just spend a great day of vacation with our boats without a license at sea. 


Because there are many kilometers of   anchorages with Caribbean flair and lonely  fantastic  beaches lined up like pearls. And that is exactly the reason to rent a boat without a license in Bahia d`Alcudia and not somewhere else on Mallorca. 

DreamBeachRental Mallorca. Rent a boat on Mallorca, you can do that best with us. We specialize in renting boats without a license on Mallorca  and cheap direct providers ! Renting a boat in Mallorca prepares you for a breathtaking boat day on the sea.

What makes the coast in the north of the island so interesting? The spectacular, rugged coastline offers beautiful Majorcan beaches and bays that are difficult to reach by land, such as the Majorcan dream bay of Coll Baix, which can easily be reached by boat without a driving licence in a half-day excursion (4 hours) from Port Alcúdia. On a full-day excursion from Port Alcúdia, you could also head for the beach of Formentor, which in our opinion is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Mallorca. The area around Port Alcúdia is also generally a worthwhile excursion destination, not only because of the pretty old town of Alcúdia, but also generally because of the scenic attractions of the nearby Victoria Peninsula. Renting a boat in Mallorca is the perfect holiday experience.

Would you like to rent a boat in Mallorca without a licence from Port Alcudia? Below we present the boats that are available without a licence. Please note that especially if you want to rent a boat in Mallorca during the summer months, it is advisable to book well in advance. All boats that you can rent here from Port Alcúdia naturally have a sun canopy and life jackets are also on board. You will receive a thorough briefing on the boat, so that nothing will stand in your way of really enjoying the boat trip/the Mallorca boat tour with your loved ones.

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